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Christian van OOST
Management of a design project: an anthropocentric approach Christian van OOST, designer, CvOdesign agency, industrial design engineer

Christian Van Oost is an engineer from the Compiègne University of Technology. He also has a degree in Industrial Design. After 15 years in the prestigious design departments of the world's leading car brands, Christian van Oost creates his own agency, first at Le Mans and then in Nantes, where he develops concept cars and prototypes as well as a consultant activity in these areas.
Didier Boulet
Design Thinking or Driving   Innovation through Design Didier Boulet, design center   director, groupe Thalès
Didier Boulet is a graduate of the Haute Ecole de Bruxelles. He joined Thales Group in 2000 as Business Unit Manager. In 2012, he is responsible for the development of the Thalès Design Center to promote and implement design thinking within the group. The creation of the first DC was in Jouy-en-Josas in 2013, then in Bordeaux, Glasgow, London, Stuttgart, Singapore, Brest, Beijing ... and more to come. Thales plans to have more than 10 centers worldwide in the near future.

Lionel T Dean
Approaches to consumer product design in the post-industrial era through 3D printing Lionel T Dean , designer and researcher at De Montfort University in Leicester

Lionel T Dean defines himself as "product artist". He has explored the creative potential of digital design and new manufacturing techniques for almost 15 years. After studying at the Royal College of Arts in London, Lionel T Dean opens his design agency: "Future Factories" in 2002.
He directs his research towards new techniques of creation and realizes many pieces thanks to 3D printers. This is his privileged field of reflection. Lionel T Dean speaks at De Montfort University in Leicester as a research professor in the design section.
Lionel T. Dean's work touches on various fields (3D printing reinvents the jewel)
Jean Marc Barbier
New materials, new processes, vectors of innovation
Jean Marc Barbier, designer and innovation manager at the FCBA, Technological Institute, initiator of the Paris Innovation Center Ile de France

Jean Marc Barbier is a designer, graduated from Ecole Boulle in Paris. He is in charge of the Innovation Department of the FCBA's furniture division: Technological Institute Forest Cellulose Wood-construction Furnishing. Jean Marc Barbier is at the origin of the Innovathèque Paris Ile de France, a center for materials and processes integrated in FCBA specialized in the monitoring and consulting of materials and innovative processes, dedicated to designers, architects, R & D, engineers and creative from all sectors.
Vivien Roussel
New spaces of creation and innovation
Vivien Roussel, designer, fab lab manager, co-CEO at Ax4Lab in Paris

Vivien Roussel is a designer, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d'Art in Nancy. He is Fab Lab Manager and Co-CEO at Ax4Lab, an interdisciplinary research center in Montreuil, Ile de France. Ax4Lab is a consulting company in hardware and education for all those who wish to develop kits for a public or those who wish to have expertise on pedagogy (learning by doing, active pedagogy, project, flipped classes, etc.) .
  • - development of teaching modules
  • - design and design of customized kit (graphic, design, hardware)
  • - help with the deployment of workshops and trainings (c ++, arduino, java (processing), html / css, android, etc.)
Vivien Roussel carries out works and research related to spaces of creation and innovation.
Stories of design, architecture, people and places
Dimitri WALTRITSCH, Architect, urban designer in Trieste, Italy, Waltritsch agency a + u
Dimitri Waltritsch holds a degree in architecture from the IUAV in Venice and the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. Before opening his agency Waltritsch a + u in Trieste, he gained experience working in prestigious law firms in Europe and Japan, including in Paris, Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Dimitri Waltritsch also teaches Architecture (Architectural Design) at various universities and is a member of the Architecture Award Juries and the Metz Innodesign Award. This lecture shows how architecture and design are stories of life and creation through concrete examples of achievements.

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