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Our strengths

Extreme flexibility due to the limited number of students accepted.
 Supervision and updating of the knowledge by a qualified team.
Tutorial classes and applications at the very start thanks to the compulsory participation in the projects of the In.d Design Lab and with the participation of some students from other Superior Schools of Metz
Courses and trainings in French/ English to get ready for international exchanges.
French – Chinese International School
February 2019, signature of a partnership agreement with the Normal Institute of Technology and the Academy of Fine Arts et Design de Huai’an, Chine. ( vidéos )

Partnerships  :
they will allow the students of the Design School of Metz to find a hosting and welcoming team to help them do their internships in Chinese companies. It is the same for the Chinese students who will have the possibility of relying on us to find an efficient help.
In charge in France : Dr Zhouhang Wang and Ms Ning Gao.
A team of recognized experts
Agence product
University of Lorraine
Corinne MARTIN
University lecturer
University of Lorraine
Aurélie MICHEL
University lecturer University of Lorraine
Product Artist
Fab Lab co-manager
Brigitte BORJA
Design Management
Lionel T-DEAN
Future Factories
Training in 5 years
The design school provides a 5-year programme
The diplomas our students will get and that will attest to a course of studies in the Design School of Metz will be accredited by the professional authorities.

These diplomas are being delivered as a confirmation of success after studies adapted to the profession of designer, the design professionals are the guarantors of the quality of their contents.
A training in Level II in 3 years is a minimum to apply for the first diploma.


RNCP Title:                                                                 
National Directory of Professional Certifications

A training programme is registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP), when it has been assessed, recognized and certified by the National Commission of Professional Certification (CNCP) composed of representatives of employers and employees, then validated by the Prime Minister’s Office.

The professional certification is a recognition awarded to a diploma or a credential, in order to certify that the holder masters the skills, qualifications and knowledge necessary to carry out a trade or activity corresponding to a professional field.

The diploma is accredited after examination of  the results over 2 years after the first promotion with follow-up job search and success in the


PROGRAMMES LEVEL  II  ( bachelor) in 3 years and LEVEL I ( master) in 2 years
Annual basis of 25h per week during 30 weeks – 2 semesters of 15 weeks  - 60 ECTS or European Credits Transfer System
Repartition of ECTS in the programmes

MCC : knowledge control methods
Year completed and ECTS acquired after an examination and presentation of the projects on the basis of an average superior to 10/20                                
with a minimum of 8/20 in each unit.
In agreement with the educational team and the lecturers, an exam in each Unit will be held at the end of each session.
It will be an oral or written presentation on a subject or an exercise given by the teacher or lecturer in charge with the courses
  • Year 1 :  The fundamentals of design and creation
  • Year 2 :  The design project : critical thinking and analysis about
                    a project broadly speaking
  • Year 3 :  The design project : methodology  and conception of a design                             project,application of the theoretical knowledge  
  • Year 4 :  Product/object  design project : complete elaboration of a
                    project and management of a team
  • Year 5 :  Design, professionalization : management of a design team

In order to submit your application, thank you for downloading the application form, filling  it and joining the following documents

  • this completed registration file
  • a copy of your identity card or your passport
  • a motivation letter as to the choice of the design option and our Institute
  • copies of the school or university results for the ongoing year
  • any other document helping to judge of your capacity of joining our curriculum

Tuition fees
Application fees of 100€ to be paid before the interview with the application selection committee. Tuition fees of 7500 € per year

Payment policies
First payment of 1500 € on registration.
Remaining balance of 6000 € to be paid before September 2nd, 2019

Tuition fees
Candidates applying before receiving the result of their High School exams, they will have the possibility of cancelling their registration in case of failure or to defer the benefit of their admission for one year.
In case of failure in their High School exams, the transcript must be sent as documentary proof. The first payment of the tuition fees will be paid back within 15 days of receipt of the documents
In case of a student VISA refusal, an explicit letter with all the details will have to be sent as early as possible.

The first payment of the tuition fees will be paid back within 15 days of receipt of the documents
Train in design

To register

Your profile :
  • Reasonable cultural level
  • Desire to discover, inform, participate

Your Qualities :
  • Keeping with the main issues of their time and their culture
  • Curiosity, convictions, audacity, flexibility, rigor

How to proceed :
  • Contact a member of our team : administration or educational team : e-mail, request for a phone call,  appointment in our place or by skype
  • Selection interview : prepare your motivation !
  • Monitoring by a member of our staff

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